Frequently Asked Questions

1) What if I don't have experience cooking?
A: No problem! We're making these kits easy to bake and as dummy-proof as possible.

2) How do I receive my bone marrow?
A: We're looking to partner with various restaurants in different neighborhoods to create pick-up hubs for our meals. Please submit the form below to request your neighborhood (if you are a restaurant owner that would like to work together, please contact Calvin Hang 626-623-2231)

3) How do I pay?
A: You can pay via credit card. We will send you a private link once your pick-up location/date/time is secured!

4) What organization/cause will my contribution go towards?
A: We are currently partnered with 'Code Masks' to provide 100,000 masks to hospitals in the Los Angeles region and the Los Angeles Fire Department with the help of your donations!
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