The Golden Marrow was founded in 2018 by two couples who are passionate about food, giving back, and creating unforgettable experiences. In 2018, Calvin and Iris found themselves falling in love with roasted bone marrow, traveling to various cities and states in search of the perfect marrow. This dish easily became one of their favorites! After a trip to Portland- they came back to California with an intention: “This is it! We definitely need to create more flavors. Who better than to ask my cousin Jaqueline and her husband Jonathan.”

Fun Fact: Jackie and her husband Jonathan (who we love to call 'Wala') are both amazing chefs at award-winning restaurants in Los Angeles, and have over 20 years combined experience in fine dining cuisine.

Pictured below, Chef Jonathan, Chef Jackie, Iris, and Calvin came together with their minds, their hearts, and their hands to build a company rooted in creating the perfect roasted bone marrow, with innovative and tasty experiences that ultimately bring people together in sharing an unforgettable Golden experience.

You can find our creations at local events and festivals throughout California.


Due to COVID-19, our company has paused on all social gatherings. You can purchase our ready-to-bake bone marrow with our signature sauces, now delivering to a pick-up hub near you. Can't find your location? Please submit a waitlist form to vote for your neighborhood or location.